Lost and unrooted


I’ve been in a relationship for just under 3 years with my girlfriend, she’s wonderful and I love her. I have been working in another country since July 2018 and have been backwards and forward for a while now in-between countries. These last few months have been really challenging, I feel disconnected, un-rooted and quite alone in some respects. Although when I see my girlfriend (we live in a flat together), we have enjoyable moments, visit family etc, I feel my connection has lost its foundations and we rarely find moments to be intimate, rarely having sex, plus my sex drive is a lot stronger than hers, we spoke about it recently and I think it was a good start. There is another caveat : I met someone a little while ago at work and we had some intimate moments together, I think about it a lot and how I miss this feeling of being wanted and connecting… It’s sad because I love my girlfriend so much but the physical part of our relationship we lost, which to me is heartbreaking. I wonder if I can try to re – build what is missing by communication again how I feel and how it affects me. I have the best intentions here and feel lost… My contract will finish very soon and I will be once again living full-time with her so I want to try to get things back on track. I’m logging my mood on regular intervals and speaking with close friends about my feelings towards this other colleague, at this moment in time I feel that I’ve lost direction a little. I’m also trying to figure out and click these patterns on my behaviour and wonder if I need to take time to find myself again and backtrack.. Perhaps someone from this community could provide some insight, maybe someone has felt something similar before..

Kind Regards 🙂

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