Losing her sexual will.

Slowly over time the sexual relationship between my wife and I has dwindled. In the past we’ve talked about it, but all she does is cry and say she wished she was more interested. Now she won’t show me attention unless I ask at the perfect moment. I feel unwanted. She gets everything she wants. I try to pay attention to her, try to turn her on, but no avail. Is this it? Can she even turn around?  Im lost, and don’t know what to do anymore.

One thought on “Losing her sexual will.

  1. Do you and your wife have children? It’s possible that she is just exhausted. For a woman, it’s different, you don’t need to just make her feel unwanted in-between the sheets. She needs it outside of the sheets as well. Help her cook dinner then help her clean afterwards. Help her clean the house. Bring her flowers or a small surprise during the day. Anything!

    For a woman, it’s different. When it comes to the sexual part of a relationship, she needs your attention outside of the bedroom as well. Don’t apply your efforts to in-between the sheets only, apply it outside of the sheets as well! If you have children, it’s possible she is exhausted and tried of being demanded of all day that by the time you two have alone time, she just doesn’t want to be touched. When you get home from work, try to bring her flowers, help her cook and help her clean afterwards! Offer to give the children a bath, brush their teeth, etc.Start her shower for her, rub her back. A woman needs love outside of the bedroom in order to connect to you in the bedroom.

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