Long distance relationship ended ONLY because of distance

Due to an unusual series of events, I ended up in a long distance relationship with a man who lives on the other side of the country. We initially met while he was visiting family in my city but he left the next day. About a week later, I got a text from him telling me that he couldn’t stop thinking about me and he couldn’t shake the feeling that we should stay in touch. So we did. I wasn’t initially taking it seriously: he lives in California and I live in Florida. But after a couple of months of phone calls, FaceTime dates that went on for hours, and texting every day, we planned a weekend together and he came back to Florida to see me. It was…perfect. From start to finish. Before he had even boarded the plane to return to the west coast, I had already booked my trip to go see him a month later. Everything was easy with him. He sent me a beautiful, heartfelt birthday gift and my weekend in California with him was even better than the one we spent together the month before in Florida. We had plans for a future together. I was going to move out there at the end of the school year (I’m an elementary school teacher and didn’t want to quit midyear) and we were both excited for what was ahead.

But then, a week after I got home from California, he called me and said the distance was too hard. He told me he loves me, but he can’t do this anymore. That he misses me too much when I’m gone and he doesn’t know how he could get through another 7 months of only being able to see me one weekend a month. I told him if 7 months was too long to wait, I would look into moving sooner but he won’t let me do that. He doesn’t want me to resent him if I burn bridges to be with him and it doesn’t work out in the end. I know he’s being hyper-logical and that in many ways, he isn’t wrong, but I’ve always believed that love is bigger than logic. Is there way for me to break down his fears about long distance?

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