So, let’s say you grew up with this guy. We’ll call him Jessie. So you and Jessie grew up together. His mom grew up with your mom. And he lived next door to you your whole life. One day, when you’re 15, you guys decide to give it a go romantically. But right before you turn 17, you guys break up because he was getting into drugs. And as you’re breaking up with him, he tells you, “I’ll only wait for you a year.” Then eventually you fall in love with someone else. We’ll call him Wyatt. Well, after almost exactly a year, Jessie hangs himself. You grieve his loss, and Wyatt gets mad and jealous. But now it’s been 2 years since Jessie has passed, and you’re still sad about it sometimes. Not all the time but it still comes and goes. Is it okay for Wyatt to be mad about you grieving Jessie? What’s your input on this? I’m sorry I know you probably didn’t intend to get on here and talk about something like this, but I have no one to ask. I don’t want to ask someone who knows me, my ex, or my current bf. Because they’ll just say what I want to hear or something that defends one of us. And I wanted an honest opinion.