I’ve made a mistake 7 months ago and it’s still hurting my relationship

I’m in a 10 month high school relationship, out of those 10 months my girlfriend has spend 7 months of them grounded. This is because we got caught by her mom sending sexual pictures and messages to each other though we never acted on them. Ever since then we had an off again on again relationship, all of our break ups had one thing in common: Mom doesn’t want us together.

These break ups have caused us a lot of mental turmoil, this is made worst by the fact that we’re not allowed to see each other outside of school. Right now we’re separated but it’s likely we’ll reunite.

  • How can I fix my relationship with both of them
  • Who is in the wrong?
  • Will things be better after High School

One thought on “I’ve made a mistake 7 months ago and it’s still hurting my relationship

  1. Believe it or not, parents are pretty smart. They’ve been through all this before. I know it’s easy to think that they grew up in a different time, but people haven’t changed. There was relationship drama then and there is relationship drama now. You’re not the first boyfriend a mom didn’t like. 😉

    I think time will help heal what has happened with her mom, but if you and your girlfriend have some things you can’t get past, that’s another story. I’m sure you care about her and she cares about you, but that doesn’t mean you’re good together. And that’s Ok! Maybe move along for now and give it some space. It’s a dance… if you move toward her, she’ll pull away. If you move back, she’ll move toward you.

    As for mom, if you’re serious about this girl, suck it up and apologize for betraying her trust, but mention that you really care for her daughter and you hope she’ll be able to trust you again someday.

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