I’ve found that guys do not work for me.

I am 17 and female, I had been talking to my best friends brother who is a bit older secretly, it was thrilling and stuff but as time went on I slowly saw everything I didn’t like about him. Fast forward 3 months, I told him I wanted a break which he was not happy about but let happen because it was what I wanted. My best friend told me he had been a reck for a while crying and stuff which made me feel bad but what made me feel even worse is that I no longer was attracted to him like that. One day later I texted him that I needed to explore my sexuality and see what I wanted because sex with a man had never appealed to me anyways. At first he was supportive but then tried to guilt trip me into saying he wasn’t enough and I never loved him or anything. I stocked with my gut though and didn’t give in. The next week he said we needed to talk and that he still wants to be with me and I don’t know how to give make it anymore clear that I don’t know what I want in a relationship and in life. I’m young and need to find myself. So I’m just wonder what you think I should do.

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