I’ve been thinking about this for way too long

So there’s a girl in my class which I’ve liked for 2 years but the day before I had planned to ask her out I she started dating someone. About a week later I asked another girl out which I liked a bit less. This was a year ago. My girlfriend has said before that if I had ever dumped her/chose someone over her she’d most likely kill herself. She cut her wrists alot and had near mental breakdowns where she would cry in her room for hours before I asked her out. About half a year into our relationship the person I had originally planned on asking out became single but I didn’t want to try to ask her out right after getting out of a longer relationship. Now I think I have a chance but I’m worried my current girlfriend will kill herself if I do. My parents know her really well and know about her previous problems. I don’t want them to be mad at me too if I do this.

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