Is my husband gay?

We have been married for 10 years. This is my only relationship till date. From past 4 years my husband shows no interest in physical intimacy. I have noticed him eyeing random guys and making eye contact with stranger guys on several occassions. He has never had romantic eye contact with me till now, I dont know if it is normal, as I have never been in a relatiinship before. But it do makes me feel empty, as other guys do initiate eye contact with me which I think is powerful romantic gesture which I crave from my husband. I have never seen him checking out girls, like other guys do.

I have confronted him with these issues but he simply denies of being gay, saying this happens in all relationships. But I cant go on like oldies without sex and romance. We are in thirties.

Pls suggest what can be done to clarify my doubts. Is he really gay in close?

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