Is my boyfriend gay?

Okay so, I’m 17, and my boyfriend is 18. I am a female. We’ve been dating for a year and two months. At first this was something I didn’t notice, or maybe didn’t care about. He tends to joke around a lot, being the goofy person he is, but there are times were his and his friends joke around a bit too explicitly. They make really weird jokes to each other. Mostly sexual. And sometimes even pretend to be doing sexual activities over call. It annoys me a lot and I kind of don’t want him to do that anymore. It’s weirds a me out a lot. I brought it to his attention and he said “it’s just how we joke. We’ve been joking like this with each other for years” Should I break up with him.

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  1. Hey 17,

    So here is what I’d say – you guys are young enough sex is still a fascination. I know plenty of straight men who sexually joke with their guy friends. So maybe he’s gay, maybe he’s bi, maybe he likes one of them specifically, and maybe it’s nothing. Most likely if he’s straight, all his friends are straight, and he is just as sexually explicit with you then it’s just what he likes to do. You have to decide how uncomfortable it makes you and why.

    Here is the deeper question in there. Why does it bother you so much? Is he not that affectionate with you? Are you embarrassed by it? Do you legitimately think he’s gay or trying to sleep with one of his friends? There has to be a reason it bothers you so much if you’ve been together this long and he’s always done it. Did the joking suddenly change recently, does it feel more flirtatious? I don’t think the problem is the joking, I think it’s your fear of why he’s joking and how he feels about you. If you get back on add more details.

  2. I would just deal with it, guys do this all the time. Like ALL the time. Its just a bro thing. I’m sure he doesn’t mean any harm by it and I doubt he’s gay. If it really worries you that much talk to him. Don’t ask a bunch of strangers about your boyfriend’s sex life, ask him. talk to him. tell him how you feel.

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