Is it me or is something not right here?

  1. My partner travels for work a few times a year. He is in general very kind and caring towards everyone. But he also in times of stress lashes out at me in specific with cruel words or heavy attitude. He would never ever do this to someone on the street or a coworker or even his friends when they bother him. He takes all of his frustrations out on either me or his parents. He’s also been cheated on before and is super jealous of anything involving another guy and me no matter how pointless (for example an old friend who does my taxes liked a picture of mine from years ago and he lost it.). Now back to the traveling for work… on his most recent trip he went away with a few guys and a girl from work. When he returned home he was showing me photos and had 4 pictures of him and the girl being silly kicking there legs out and holding hands. I bring up the fact that they’re holding hands and he immediately gets mad and defensive. He then apologized and admits that if it had been me his reaction would have been much worse.. he swears to me it was innocent and I truly believe that.. But what bothers me most here is that he’s never once taken a picture with me holding my hand.. or doing a silly pose. He doesn’t ever act playful like that with me in public, he’d honestly probably get mad if I was walking down the street kicking my leg out in public. He’d call me childish. In general it just seems like while he’s traveling with strangers he’s much more fun and adventurous that when he’s with me.. we rarely go out to bars especially during busy times because he gets so frustrated with the noise and people he acts miserable. He was out at the bars til 2am every night of this business trip..  Am I being over sensitive or is something wrong here?

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