Is it me?

I have the most bizarre problem I think anyone can ever have, so I’ll start it off the best way I can. For the past two years, I have been getting hit on by guys at my school (I’m a sophomore in high school). They’d say they’d want my number and my Snapchat. Sometimes in class I hear a bunch of guys say things like “she look cute as f*ck”. Which is fine and dandy but the only problem is, I’M A FRICKIN GUY!!! I don’t dress like a girl or anything, or act feminine so why does this happen. Sure I may be shorter and slimmer than a lot of guys but it doesn’t mean I’m the spitting image of I girl. I even tried making my voice deep but that only seemed to backfire. Girl say I’m cute and that alright with me, but when guys actually mistake me as a girl on a normal basis is really annoying. Telling someone you’re not a girl all the time is really embarrassing and I just wonder if I’m doing something wrong or can I do something to make this stop.

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