Is he abusive?

Used to think my boyfriend was perfect, he was everything I wanted. In the last few months he’s been acting different. He gets mad over small things. He seems paranoid- asked me if I had access to his fb or Snapchat. He says “I know you’re hiding things from me” I went out with a male FRIEND and he ignored me for 3 days. I keep trying to prove myself, I texted the guy and asked for conformation that we were just talking, sent my boyfriend screenshots. I’ve even begged him to look at my phone. If he asks a question in a message and I don’t answer, he texts and calls 100 times till I do. If I cry, sometimes he laughs. Also, on Facebook I can see his friends tagging him in memes of crazy girlfriends and I’m almost sure he’s talking bad about me behind my back. The weirdest part is, in person he’s so affectionate, tells me he loves me, obsessed with me, tells me I’m perfect etc I’m going to break up with him… but is this abuse? He’s 27 and I’m 26

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