Is arranging a surprise wedding for my fiance a good or bad idea?

So my partner and I have always been big on surprising each other for random things. surprising me by coming home 1 week earlier than he was supposed to after 3 weeks away, surprising him with a big birthday celebration with his entire family, taking me on a surprise vacay to zanzibar and proposing to me there.. you get the idea. I want to arrange an “engagement party”, fly his parents up from the coast, book a venue, caterers, photographer etc, then when he arrives there for the engagement party, I want to have his best mate take him to a suite where he then has to change into his tux, read a letter from me declaring my undying love for him and how I want to marry him, then when he joins the rest of the guests outside, the marriage officiant grabs a microphone, asks for my fiance to join him and for everyone to have a seat as he’d like to make a toast. but then instead of a toast, he announces that this is no ordinary engagement party – this is a wedding. I then appear in my dress at the door and voila. Is this a good idea or a seriously risky gamble?

One thought on “Is arranging a surprise wedding for my fiance a good or bad idea?

  1. Even if he loves surprises odds are you will accidentally leave someone important off the invite list without consulting him. Personally I would not do that but you can test the waters and phrase it as a joke or ask his best friend what they think.

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