instagram story of crush, describing her feelings


I met a girl 2 weeks ago at a party, we fell in love, spent a lot of time with each other together in the past few weeks, but that wasn’t a smart choice. We kinda went too fast, we were really in love with each other but she got scared because it felt too good, now she wants to slow down and maybe even don’t go into a relationship. It feels so weird for me, both heartbroken but I’m okay about that now. Days passed, exams are here and we didn’t text the past 2 days. Now she posts a long poem-story thing on her instagram story where she’s talking about the way she felt between us. I don’t know if I should react or not. let me quote

But i am afraid that the moment i let my heart bare in front of you, you will run away. You will shut your door and severe every tie that connects me to you. I want to keep you so much that I’m willing to let the distance stay so I can watch you from afar. Missing you is better than not knowin anything about you at all.

I’m really scared wether or not I should respond / take action on this, and I don’t know how to approach it. Any tips/Help?

You can call me Panda

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