Innocent photo?

My wife found a photo that I took at a wedding that we both attended. I was at the center of the photo and on either side were 2 ladies that pretended to kiss my cheek. These two ladies are work colleagues who she knows and knowns there’s nothing going on between us. She found the photo and she gave me the third degree over it. Apparently, she found the photo offensive and disrespect…. I ended up telling her is insecure! And that it was Ridiculous for her to think there was anything going on. Well, she’s still upset and denies being insecure. Was I wrong to take such a photo?

One thought on “Innocent photo?

  1. If it were the other way around, you would be a little insecure too. How would you like her to call you out on your insecurities?
    Instead you would want some of her kind and caring words to help you feel comforted.
    Convince her the truth and accept that she is hurt from the experience, suggest it won’t happen again.
    If she has any problems with letting it go then you are probably just being a bit of a poor communicator.

    As women, tend to work on their own thoughts and have their own opinions and ideas built for days on end. Then they are settled on that thought. So when she gave you the third degree. It wasn’t a bad thing.
    You need to listen to her and comfort her, tell her you love her and mean it.

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