In love with my best friend

I am in love with my best friend. We’ve known each other for 3 years, both had relationships in that time, been best friends for around a year, got ever increasingly closer after we both broke up with our exes. We’ve been together after getting drunk once and then slept together on the second occasion. We’ve lived together as housemates as two years so we are very close. We eventually spoke about it and sleeping together and it was bad timing because we were finishing university etc but I said I liked her and told her I thought we would be good together, she said she is open to the idea and seeing what happens once she’s moved closer. She’s doing a masters just 25 mins away now so is living close. I don’t want to immediately bring it up again yet as it’s a new city for her and new course so I understand she needs time to settle so that if anything is to happen in the future she’s in a good and settled place. I also don’t wanna be the one to bring it up again as it seems to be me pushing for it and want to see if there’s any eagerness on her side, don’t know if that’s childish? I’ve made it clear that I have strong feelings for her and although she has said she’s open to the idea she’s never said anything else, when I’ve seen her recently although it’s still been friendly I’ve not felt as close with her as we’ve been at various points which is making things really difficult. It’s leaving me feel really low and anxious about it all as she means so much to me, it’s fairytale I know but you always see and hear about the amazing benefits and relationships that come from dating your best friend and it seems completely possible. I don’t know if I’ve just become overly sensitive to moods and interactions because of this extra investment but it feels noticeable. What do I do, do I wait and let her make the next move in terms of talking about it or detonate and tell her that I don’t just want more but that I’m in love with her or in between and wait another month to let her settle before asking if she still wants to proceed? I don’t even know if there’s a proper question in there but it’s really begun to eat me up so needed to ask advice etc.

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