i’m worried my mum will get mad if i tell her im back with my ex

basically to start this off, i was with my ex for about a month or two. we got on really well and i really felt a connection with them. however they have multiple mental health problems and things such as narcolepsy and cataplexy. they went through a dissasociative episode about a quarter way through our relationship due to stress and their mental health. through this episode they were unfaithful with one of my closest friends. this caused me to feel very very low and my mum was there for me through all of it. however, i have recently been talking to them again after going through every single thing that’s happened and everythjng that we both feel, and we are both willing to fight to be together. i’ve been talking to them for about a month, maybe two now but i can’t have them over at my house without my parents knowing and i can’t go to theirs without my mum finding out. i talked to my mum a few months ago that we had got back into contact and she got berh angry, explaining that they’ll just do it again and she doesn’t want me to be low again and threatened to cancel things that she pays for me such as phone contract and whatsoever (im 17), which i completely understand. but this is my decision and this is a risk that i want to take. if they were to ever do anything that hurt me again i’ve sworn to myself that would be it. but i’m genuinely happy with them. i want to be there for them, whether they’re feeling good or bad. and i enjoy my time with them. i’m just worried about what my mum would say if she either found out or i told her. i’m thinking that i’ll wait until i’m 18, which is in around 9 months and if we are still together and i’m still happy then i’ll tell her, showing her that i’ve been with them for months and i have been happy about it and with them. i was wondering if there’s anyone who can give me advice for this.

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