Ok, so I really like this guy ( he and I have dated in the past ) but he really confuses me to no end. Whenever I get with someone new and he finds out about it ( usually from a mutual friend ) he starts telling me how much he loves me or how he misses me and that he was dumb for breaking up with me. Now we are…well we’re not in a relationship…we’re basically fuck buddies…which is fine with me…but he says he doesn’t want me dating anyone but he and I aren’t dating. He basically wants me to be his sex toy ( which I’m ok with I guess ) but the problem is he knows I have very strong feelings for him and the last time we talked (before all this ) he told me he really loves me and I told I’m I wasn’t sure if he was on the same page as me with relationships because I just don’t want to date to date. I want more then that ( I’d like to find a life partner, settle down and start a family ) he told me he wanted that…but he said he had to think things over and when he got back to me on the matter it was all this sex stuff ( which once again is ok I guess…). He didn’t use to be like that. When we dated way back he was a really sweet and caring guy who didn’t make me feel like I was being ( slightly) manipulated….