I’m confused

I would say around 5 weeks ago an old friend hit me up telling me that I was cute and that I should be interested in someone who is interested in me. She’s made it very clear that she likes me and that I’m cute (tells me everyday). We’ve hung out around 4 times and they’ve been pretty fun. We kissed and made out and it was awesome because it was my first time doing that with a girl ever. Currently I’m struggling with how I feel about her. She’s talked about how she is willing to do stuff with me because she is a very loving person. We’re not dating because she isn’t ready for the tag of a relationship which I don’t mind to be honest. I don’t want to do stuff with her until I feel the same way mentally. Like shes dry over snap and text and a little on face-time but she’s told me that’s how she just is and her friends have told me the same. My father told me that I should just go day by day and keep hanging out with her and eventually I’ll either feel something or I wont. I’ve also just started nofap because I read that it can help cure my brain on how I see women. I’m probably just overthinking it but I feel a sense of pressure that I have to feel the same way even though shes told me that I can take as long as I need. My social skills aren’t the best so its hard for me to have a meaningful conversation. Also she has acne but like who doesn’t and I feel like that’s my inner old self who thinks he is going to date a model. Enough rambling if you have any questions or any more details that you want me to add please let me know. Any advice will help thanks.

2 thoughts on “I’m confused

  1. It sounds like you’re young. Take some time to find yourself and what you like. Don’t force this situation, it sounds like you don’t really like her but want to see if you CAN like her. Save her and yourself the waste of time, go for someone you actually like!

  2. Tell her that you don’t know if you like her or not. Then just take some time to talk in person get to know her more. It’s a brave thing to do but it will help

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