I’m confused about my feelings

I think I like someone but I’m not sure if it’s real. Another reason why I am confused is because she is a girl. I always find myself thinking about her. There are times when I feel jealous when she’s with someone but I feel that it’s not that serious, maybe I’m in denial, maybe I’m just creating this fantasy to reduce my loneliness.
I honestly don’t know because I’m the kind of person who is a bit detached, apathetic. It hasn’t been long since I met her. I noticed her in class because she was a bit loud, I thought she was funny and interesting and I hoped that she would notice me and become friends. The day came when we first chatted online( it was my b-day) and I was surprised because she opened up about a problem like we just met like 4 days ago and this is our first conversation but it’s ok. So I was more curious about her and we got closer, chatted almost everyday. We recently hung out the first time in my home with just the two of us,. Sometimes I think about hugging her, holding her hand, cuddling ugh I don’t know I’m so weird. Idk if I want to be in a relationship with her cause I’m afraid. We’re both girls. I don’t know if my parents are ok with that especially when I’m their only child. I sometimes try to suppress my urge to talk, touch, or look at her in the eye because I might get found out that I’m interested in her. This is also our first year and maybe last year that we’ll be together in school. But what I feel is not like full blown, it feels like it’s low key interest. Maybe I feel flirty. This is my first time having someone on my mind for this long( a month lmao) soo is this just an infatuation or is this love or a crush or none please helpp!!

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