I’m ashamed of myself

  1. I have recently broken up with my girlfriend of 4 years. It’s been a very odd break up and it still feels like we are both into each other. She’s kind of lead me on to believe we can talk about things. But fundamentally we aren’t together right now.
  2. She keeps getting really drunk and has slept with someone 2/3 times 6 weeks after our breakup. She says it was too soon but it’s not really any of my business. Which is fair enough.
  3. Since I found out about this I have logged into her Facebook to view her messages. I haven’t shopped properly and often get scared quite quickly, I think mainly I’m trying to spot the people she may be sleeping with. I’ve done this 4/5 times mainly when I’m at my lowest, there’s a chance she could find out about it all if she examines her Facebook settings, do I own up? Given we have stated we aren’t going to talk for a while or should I say nothing and hope she doesn’t find out?
  4. im deeply embarrassed and ashamed and know I’m wrong, but it’s just something that helped me cope.

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