I’m a little stuck. Halp

So. I’m a junior and she’s a freshman. We have been dating for 7 months and it’s been great. This is my first relationship and this is her first actual good relationship.

About three weeks ago I started getting a little annoyed. The cute things she did started getting old. I practically told her to change herself and I felt bad about it. A week later we both knew something was weird. I asked her for space and she kinda just got confused. We talked about breaking up but we decided not to. Another week later she told me that we’re breaking up because things are just weird. After two days of agony, we met back up and talked. Now I think we’re back together but things are still weird.

Our whole relationship was rushed and that’s probably to blame here. She pressured me into taking my pants off on our second date-which I did. A month in and she talked about sex. Now we’re both regretting what we did. We promise to slow things down but I don’t know if that will work. I really do love her, and she really loves me. I just don’t what to do at this point.

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