I’m 17 and so is she. I confused and don’t know what to do.

So it all started at the end of last school year on a school trip. I had been friends with this girl for a while and we got on well but we didn’t talk too much. It was the last night and we were both drunk and we ended up sleeping together. Now when I say sleeping together I don’t mean sex but cuddling/spooning. We kind of pretended it didn’t happen and too this day we haven’t talk about it.
Summer started and we texted throughout the summer and had some really long (5-6 hour) Skype calls where we would literally talk for the whole time, the conversation never got boring and we never ran out of things to talk about. All of these conversations were started by her not me. Just before school started in September we hung out (her idea) and saw a movie/had dinner and it was really fun and we both enjoyed it. A week later she drunk texted me about how we should hang out and make out etc.
So I was obviously happy because I really liked her but when we came back to school it was all different. We still texted a lot but when it came to face-to-face interaction it was like I wasn’t there, especially when we were in bigger groups (5+ people). This went on for another month or so until we were texting one night and she suggested that we hang out that weekend and of course I said yes. We hung out for two whole days and again we had a really good time. The next day she snapchatted me saying that she missed me and so again I thought it was a good sign.
Then we came back to school again and I had the exact same problem as before, we texted/snapchatted/skyped etc a lot but I couldn’t get the time of day face-to-face. Which brings me to present day, where I’m still stuck in the same situation.
For some context I’m quite shy/quiet while she’s more out going and makes friends with everyone. But I also know she’s never had a bf or kissed anyone (she told me one night) so maybe she’s just nervous? But she has also referred to us as ‘best friends’ as few times so I don’t know what to do.
I really like her and this is killing me, what do I do?

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