I want to talk to her but is it the right choice?

Hi! Im a 19 year old male with little to no relationship experience. I FINALLY found a girl that I liked and confirmed that she liked me back a couple of months ago and I was ELATED. Well come to find out a week before I planned on asking her out, I find out that she had been dating another guy for a couple of weeks and yet she still flirted with me and texted my flirty messages and talked about dating etc. It turns out the guy was a friend of mine. (Not a close friend just a guy I know and get along well with.)  I told her I was hurt and she proposed a threesome / open relationship. I’m a loyal guy and can’t handle having the thought that while I kiss a girl for the first time she’ll be thinking about someone else so I said no and now she and I have drifted apart from each other. But I can’t help wanting to talk to her still even after she treated me like seconds. My therapist said infatuation is like a drug and so my body will crave her attention still and that its normal but it’s been 2 months now and I still talk to her or the friend on occasion as we all go to the same college but whenever I do I feel sad and angry. Should I try picking up her number and texting her again? I REALLY want to but I know it will just make me more sad. I’ll want to ask how the relationship is going and find how much I’m missing out on if she preferred me. I can’t decide what I need to do and a therapist is expensive on a college budget. Haha. Please help me out guys. I’d love to know.

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