I think he loves my sister

well I’ve been hanging out with a guy I met through my sister’s group of friends while we were on a vacation and at first I sensed that he was interested in her but she was with his friend so he backed off, then he saw me and we started to talk for 4 months after that we met few times and we made out but never made it official because we were always drunk when we met but I felt that he was interested he always called and checked for but then something went off every time he called me to come over he mentioned my sister like why doesn’t she come with you we can have fun and like that. she always didn’t come but the last time I begged to come and she did and he didn’t keep his eyes off her he still hugs me and tells me don’t leave but still, I could feel them getting well together and he called again after that day and litteraly he was begging me to come with her. so am I overreacting or did he have feelings for and when she turned him off he took me as a replacement for her?

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