I Still Like My Ex

I know it sounds so cliche but it’s true, I still like him.  We dated for around a year and I loved it for some but he got different.  He got more clingy and would get upset if I didn’t answer my phone right after he called or messaged me.  When he would call me it would either be him being high on weed or something and getting scarily emotional and acting really depressing.

Of course I wouldn’t hang up on him for that, I would stay on the phone and talk to him for hours even.  Sometimes staying in my room avoiding socializing in fear he’d call me and be angry again when I said I couldn’t pick up.  He would tell me that he was the only one that could love me and no one else would really love me.  When this happened I didn’t think anything of it.

However at one point he told me he took a lot of pills and he was going to kill himself.  I had been through a death of my sibling I had grown up with my whole life and that was when he did this.  I guess I had depended more on him so I didn’t leave.  I don’t want to make this a complete sob story so moving on.  I just want to get help for this I don’t want to like him anymore I just want tips so I don’t think about him and get over it eventually.

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