I saw something I wasn’t meant to see!!! Help!

I am a 36 year old female.  Divorced 1.5 years, in a relationship with boyfriend for 1 year. He has been divorced 5 years. I have 1 13 year old boy, he has 1 6 yo boy and 1 8 yo boy. We moved in together  5 months ago.  He has an old phone which I was getting ready to sell. I looked at his photos on the phone (did not ask permission) and saw where he had screen-shot some text conversations between 2 women and himself. Nothing awful, they asked him for a threesome, he declined. They asked for a sexy pic, he obliged. A LITTLE sexting by the girls, but my BF is super shy and doesn’t really get Into that so his responses were BORING. Anyway….I am not  at all mad about the conversation, it was before he and I even started dating. Also, I realize it’s my own fault for looking at something  that wasn’t meant for me to see. Here is the problem: my boyfriend is in the wholesale business and these women are his customers. He still talks to them. Even before the I saw the photos , I had a gut feeling something more was going on because of the behavior I have see from these women  . Actually, when we started dating, my bf told me about  one of the women asking him  for sex (she  told him she has an open marriage -she DOESNT). But he left out the part of the other woman.  Which she is single and attractive.

My only problem with this is he still speaks with them—but they are customers. He has to. Or lose them as customers. And I think that would hurt his business as they purchase a lot. I have no idea what to do. Do I tell him i saw the pictures? Do I let it go? I think I can let it go-I do trust him but the thought of him still talking to them makes me sick to my stomache. He also follows them on Instagram (business pages) and I have thought about just telling him the truth-I saw the photos, I feel bad about it, and I want for him to …..I DONT EVEN KNOW WHAT I WANT HIM TO DO 🤦🏼‍♀️

Please help!!!

One thought on “I saw something I wasn’t meant to see!!! Help!

  1. Do you think you can tell him and move on? I don’t feel like telling him will accomplish much, except get it out of your brain and show him that you trust him (if you do).

    If the phone is that old, the relationships may have run their course already. I’m friends with a couple women I’ve flirted with before that have run their course. It was the exciting/new phase.

    You may not want him to do anything. It’s clear you don’t want to forbid him from talking to them. That’s not realistic. You just want to be able to trust him. Personally, I feel that you just gotta trust him. You may get burned, but the alternative is that it will eat you away.

    Just know that he’s with you and not them for a reason. He may flirt with them, but his heart is with you. 🙂

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