I rejected a girl but now im starting to have feelings for her.

About 7 months ago a girl that I was good friends with said she liked me. I didn’t know how to answer so I acted like it was a joke. After I rejected her we still talked a lot in school and over instagram and discord but now I am starting to like her. Will she still have feelings for me?

3 thoughts on “I rejected a girl but now im starting to have feelings for her.

  1. Honestly, even if she does you’re walking on thin ice. By turning her down and then changing your mind, she may end up feeling like you’re playing with her head or being manipulative.

    My suggestion is that you make 100% sure you are ready to be committed and serious towards her before you bring it up again. Otherwise it WILL come back to bite you later on.

  2. I’m going with The Nate Dude ^Bruh your on thin ice . As a girl myself if a guy rejected me I would tell you to go do one (feck off) if he rejected me and then decided to start liking me again. You have two options (my opinion) 1. Be commited (credit to Nate^) . If you are ready for a relationship and are not going to fuck this girl over then go for it. However don’t play with her feeling unless you fully are able to be with her and treat her like the queen she is .(However be prepared for you own rejection she may have moved on). Option 2 move on , as she most likely has, if you rejected her she’s gonna be thinking about a guy who isn’t gonna reject her and treats her right. Soz for the long advice but hope it may have helped.

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