I really like this guy but I don’t know if logistics will allow us to work out

So, I met this guy at summer camp, and during the second week of camp we absolutely hit it off. I didn’t realize it for the first couple days, but then I figured out that I might low key like him. Except, there’s one problem, in that he’s a freshman, I’m a sophomore, and though we go to school in the same county, my school is private and far away, and I live even farther. The situation being as it was, I decided to leave without exchanging numbers so I wouldn’t be tempted.

Looking back it sounds selfish, and it was, but I didn’t want to lead him or myself on in thinking that we could have a relationship that worked.

Anyway, I thought that I could move on, except recently, I had the opportunity to get his number, and I took complete advantage of it without thinking, and now we’re texting each other like a LOT, and it’s pretty obvious that he likes me and I really like him. However, I’m still worried about leading him on. We’re both doing track, so we can see each other at meets, but that’s just about the only free time that we can have to see each other. I keep texting him even though I know I shouldn’t because I feel like I’m leading him on, but at the same time I want to ask him out.

I really think I should just forget my worries and go for it, but I like this kid a lot and I don’t want this to end badly, even though the logistics might force it to be like that.

Should I go for it?

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