I need to know whether to hold on or move on..

I’m 24yo dating a 30yo for the last 9 months. We have our moments and I know with all my heart that he loves me. Issue started early this year when I lost someone close to me, I was broken and this guy wasn’t here for me I had to confront him which brought a rift between us. I think he’s not capable of empathy, Every time I have an issue I have to consult a close friend because if I tell my guy it will just leave me feeling worse, he just doesn’t get it. I should include he lives in his parents place-like in a separate house (servants quarters) but still eats from the main house, he has a good job earns three times my salary, all his friends are married so it’s not about who he has around. I tried asking him to move out be independent he refused. He says he would like to settle with me (I’m not ready for now) but I wish his actions would be convincing..this guy also insists we split the bill when we go out recently he started avoiding situations where he will spend on me it has been months since we went out-see a movie, eat out, drinks. I can live with the not yet to move out part for now but being mean I can’t since I spend on him ( I can say I’m generous) How do I deal with this?

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  1. Ask him if he is broke. It’s worth a shot, ask him on a date. Also tell him that you are going to confront other people with your problems because he isn’t helping. If he really loves you he will try to help and he will tell you the truth.

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