I need advice

So I have a job that my boyfriend of 2 years got me, we work together, the thing is there is this person that works with us that I will call Tyler, so lately I have been noticing more and I don’t know I never saw him the way I see him know. He just makes me feel different, everytime we work together he is just so sweet, he makes me laugh so much and when he smiles he just makes me melt, Tyler is just so sweet, he is kind of shy, helps me a lot when I need it and from what I know he is really kind to his little siblings and I don’t know I just can’t stop thinking about Tyler, when I see him I just go red and I don’t know. But my boyfriend is not bad, he is just difficult sometimes, but still I love him but sometimes I feel he doesn’t love he lately has been fights and ego filling our lives. I just need advice because there is no one I can talk to.

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