i kinda have a crush on someone else and i don’t know what to do

so i’ve been in a relationship with my s/o for about 6 months, and i love them, obviously. but there’s someone ive been kind of into. i know it’s normal to have little crushes even while being in a relationship but i’m not sure what to think. they told me they’re into me and they don’t know i have a partner, i haven’t gone out of my way to tell them. (which i feel shitty about)

i feel like maybe me and this person click a little bit better than me and my s/o do, but i might just see this person as more exciting.

i think i’ve been leading this person on (not entirely on purpose). i have a problem with knowing if someone’s being nice or flirting, and now that they’ve told me they’re into me i realize they were definitely flirting. thinking back i guess i was flirting back but i didn’t realize i thought it was just a friend thing. i convinced myself they were just being nice. i don’t know, this person just seems more exciting. but i don’t want to ruin what i have with my partner, so i’m conflicted.

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