I have a boyfriend but a strong sexual appetite for women..

First off, please don’t be mean. I’m a female in a two year relationship with my current boyfriend. While I was with him, I realized that I was bisexual (don’t know why it took so long because it was OBVIOUS) so prior to this realization I’d never had a sexual experience with another girl. I ended up hanging out with one of his female friends who I’d been jealous of. I thought meeting her and being friends with her would make me feel more comfortable with their friendship. Well, I ended up drinking too much that night and we went out to the bars together where we made out a lot and danced on each other. When we were alone it got a little more intense. She let me play with her boobs and I kept telling her I wanted to “fuck” her. Later that night we were just hanging out and talking. She was leaning her head on me while I played with her hair and it just felt really good.. Thankfully, that’s as far as it went. I guess I didn’t realize the gravity of the situation and how much it would affect my boyfriend. I felt terrible about it the next day and told him everything. It almost ended our relationship, go figure. Fast forward a year and we’re still together but my sexual urges to have sex with women haven’t faltered. I wish there were a way to explore this side of my sexuality without losing him. We’ve talked about it and he is 100% not comfortable with me sleeping with another girl without him which is understandable because I wouldn’t like it either. Obviously, it’s a really sensitive topic because of the shitty choices I’ve made in the past but how should I approach this subject? I considered waiting a little longer just for the hell of it. Maybe as time passes we will both feel secure enough in our relationship to have a threesome. I thought about asking him if I or both of us together could join a sex chat with other women. I don’t know. If you have any experience, suggestions, annoyances, please share. I’m strugglin :/ I know I don’t want a relationship anyone else, I just don’t want to die not knowing what it’s like to have sex with a woman.

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