Lets start from the beginning, I moved to where i live now about 4 years ago, that was a hard time for me, i got tons of anxiety and depression and was in a terrible spot, im currently in my sophomore year of highschool right now, This year of school was also the first time i started dating, im currently dating someone who i believe i love. Im really starting to struggle in my own head though. On one side im extremely happy for her she has been struggling with menatal problems and physical issues her whole life and now she is finally getting help!!! She is starting to get closer to god which im also proud of her for! but theres this thought in my head, i cant put my finger on it but for some fucking reason, i get a negative feeling and i dont want that, the negative feeling feels like jealousy but that wouldnt make any sense. I told her im getting closer to god too because she inspired me to. maybe im insane but i feel so weird over this whole situation.