I dont understand

Hey people. Basically i dont like how i feel, and sometimes, how i am. I am a old-souled (self-proclaimed) 19 year old college kid. I have a old fashioned mindset that i should try to work my way into a relationship by starting out as friends and building something more out of it. This is a mindset im pretty hard-wired to, yet as i stick with my beliefs, i feel more and more as if i should change myself. My friends tell me that i should get out there more, but to be honest, i am not a socially confident person at all, once i get a friend group, i like to stay with them and have great bonds. I feel like shit many nights before i go to bed, even if my day was the best i’ve had in a while. Its like an “off brand” bipolar-ness. I want to talk to a therapist that my college offers “free” (i’ve already paid it with tuition) but my pride as a guy gets in the way of asking for help. I dont talk to my family about these kinds of things because i want to be what they want me to be (my career choice and stuff but like good at it). I just can’t seem to find the advice i think i need. I’ve selected 5 out of the lot that can view my snapchat story to see what they would say to possibly get a “pick-me-up” from them, but got nothing i found fit my circumstances. Any thoughts from y’all?

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