I Don’t Know What to Do; I Have Nothing in Common with my Girlfriend

Long story short: I don’t know if my relationship is going to make it. When I met my girlfriend, almost 2 years ago now, we were both in a bad spot. We were both trying to coexist with our depression, and we helped each other through it. She was warm, and understanding, and funny, too. We shared all of our worst sides with each other, and encouraged one another to seek therapy and stick to it. In all those ways she’s my rock, no contest. But now that the smoke has cleared, I realize that we have next to nothing in common. I’m a guy who’s willing to meet my partner halfway – I’ve engaged in near everything she shows interest in from exercise to D&D. She on the other hand seems to stop at every turn. Where I offer to show her my writing she says that fiction isn’t her thing, when I talk about art the glimmer leaves her eyes. Even when I’m talking about my food preferences she’ll keep bringing it up even though she claims it’s a joke. She says that she’s willing to try some of the things I like, but only when I’m clearly upset. It’s not that I’m expecting her to suddenly love everything that I do, or even ever come to love them, but I’m hurt that she never seems even marginally curious about the things that make me happy. I love her, I really love her, but I don’t know if this is something that will become a bigger issue in the long term. I need to know if I’m just being finicky, or what I should do to try and make things better if I’m not.

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