I can’t get enough time

I ve been trying to get sometime for myself but I’m unable to get. I’ve always been opposed of oral s*x and ass f**k but ever since few weeks it’s as if I more acceptable to these . So in order my mind accepted the fact and I tried something with myself….. And it was beyond imaginable .I loved it . I loved it so much that I’m now craving for it. But I don’t seem to have some time for myself. It feels as if I’m loosing my mind if I’m going to restrain myself from doing it. For the record I am virgin that is without experience , so basically this the me time I have myself but somehow since 2-3 weeks I’m unable to do it. And I’m completely loosing it.i have b*sm dreams. And to add cherry to the top is I’m sleeping with my younger sister at night as to which my parents are the room next door and to think of bathroom , I tried but it wasn’t satisfactory. Someone please help.

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