I am kind of getting mixed signals from a guy i like

So there is this guy i like and i think he is interested too but then he keeps on giving me these mixed signal. So like he told me he had a thing with this other girl but that didn’t workout and he keeps talking about them so i kind of decided to back off from him. After a few days he kind of confronted me and asked me why am i ignoring him so i gave some excuse and he started flirting me calling me pretty and stuff. But then again he started talking to that girl he liked so i again backed off so he again confronts me. At one hand he says he loves spending time with me,is extremely touchy with me,does these cute little things with me,all gentlemanly with me but then on other hand he sometimes act like he likes me but then i sometimes feel he doesn’t. We haven’t really discussed such things but is there a prospect that he likes me or am i over analyzing things and he just considers me a friend?

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