I am an idiot

So, I am almost 30 years old guy and studying for my Masters. My friend who studied and worked with me for last 5 years came to this country together.

I am completely narcissistic person. I never smoked, drink or had a girlfriend. I was completely engrossed in work before coming here. My friend lets call him x, drink a lot and can’t drink anymore because of health issue. Here I was his guard (or I use to think), so, I never let him drink or smoke also I use to tell him I won’t drink or smoke because if I do it, he will also want to do it. He also, never had a girlfriend.

Now, 3 girls came into our life, lets call them A, B and C. Two, A and B from our own country and C from some other country.

X was too shy to talk to any girl and usually show angry face when nervous. Also, at that time he used to play mobile games heavily and dont use to talk to anyone even when they rry to taln to them.

I am started talking to all of them. Mostly helping them. Including C who didn’t spoke our language or English fluently. We went all (including x) went various places. He used to ignore everyone.

We both liked C. But he didn’t have the courage to talk. She used to talk to everyone. He started asking me stop talking to her. I thought may be I am becoming overwhelming her. So, I stipped talking to her individually and started to talk to her more in group.  I tried to buy her gifts but everytime x will say he wants to give it to her. She used to get angry on him.

Later I found out, she (C) thought we all don’t talk to her or neglect her and him also. So, started to talk to him because we have no means to talk to other people after our work and studies. So she fall for him. Who neglects and belittle her publicly but claims he loves her everytime. He caused her to break down to various time and laugh at her when she cries or run away. Never console her. But she forgive him everytime. I waste my time to console her. As I couldn’t work or study because I use to sit with her or visit hospitals because of x’s health condition. X fall in depression and nearly fainted and thus we took him to doctor various time.

Finally, I confronted her she told, she thought everything good is done by him and likes him more than a friend. She forgot everything I did for him (or mostly thinks he did for her) and completely forgot what he did to her bad. She also, rejected him saying she can’t like anyone right now because of her studies.

But still I get jealous and depressed that she talk to him in private messages so much. And smiles and laugh when he is in room. She message me or talk to me less and less everyday. I told her and him all my feelings but nothing seems to change.

I am depressed as I still have to take care of friend’s health (he is my room mate) and her also, as she is new and I have teach her certain parts of her work. They fight, she cries, I console and leave work, she forgets, they patch up and I am left without any work or anyone.

Please help me, what to do now. I am angry and sad that why are they happy. Why she didn’t choose me.



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