I am a sensitive guy and like to help people alot, i have helped many people through my life most of the time emotionally when they needed someone’s support

so there is this girl, she has had a very bad childhood, multiple stepmoms, father away, own mom not a good mom, she had wine as milk at age of 6 -_-. she was raped at 12, never had friends don’t know how to socialize, she spent most of her life in a room with books and laptop, i found her, became close to her, i started helping her, taught her to socialize, got her self respect back, now she is really happy and a strong women, with everything going good, i kinda liked her, still do, and she has also fallen in love with me, BUT since she didn’t know much how to be around people, she was kinda slut, and during her healing process, she slept with 3 different guys that i know one of them is kinda close friend with me, and also tried to sleep with another of my really close friend but he didn’t agree, so i really don’t care about how many people she slept with in total i don’t care about virginity, but these scenes with 4 people close to me concerns me, i am sure that now she is not fooling around with anyone. now i can give her everything she deserves in the life, but i am unsure about how i can carry her around me as my queen with pride since ofcourse we will run into those 4 people as they are in my active life too.

what should i do, should i let her go, which might break her heart and she might go back into that bad phase again from which i took her out of over long time of 2 years?

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