I am 22 and my boyfriend is 21. We fight too much and every time we do, he loses his temper and says things he does not mean. what does this mean to our relationship?

I am currently 22 and my boyfriend is one year younger than me. we’ve recently had an argument and out of nowhere, he snapped. He started saying that I do not deserve him, that I am just like the other girls and I was using him. he told me to try and play these “games” with someone else and that he is too tired of my “problems”. The problem is that when he gets angry he tends to say things he does not mean. This time, however, It felt like he meant every single word. He said that he is going to ruin things once and for all this time, so there won’t be a way for us to get back together after this time.

I do not want to get back with him, but I also do not want to be seen as a bad person who was just using him for my own sick purpose, because apparently, that is what he thinks.

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