Hypersexual broken person

I have a deep need to be admired I don’t understand very well. It’s not like narcissism because I don’t necessarily admire myself, but rather desire to receive the admiration of women, and it’s a problem because it’s led to me having sex with women other than my wife. She didn’t mind it as much as she thought, or I thought, but that wasn’t the point. I have sex with my wife almost every day and it’s still very good sex, but I feel this need to be admired by many, many women, all women if possible. I don’t force women to pay attention to me, but I do enjoy performing for them sexually online or in person, and it’s not just a sexual satisfaction, there’s something else that gets rubbed when I receive a compliment about my appearance and I’m not sure what it is, but it’s very addictive.

I’m worried I’ll break my existing relationship due to this and she already is worried about whether I find her attractive. I do wish she wouldn’t take me for granted as much and would pay me as many compliments about my appearance as I do to her. Things became routine and she just stopped doing that as often, but women don’t normally compliment men as much as men compliment women so I thought it was probably that.

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