How to tell if a guy likes me with mixed signals

If after meeting for the first time a guy says “let’s see each other again” and “I’ll message you” does it mean he’s definitely interested?


He did seem interested at first and we kissed and hug and such, but then he found out that I knew his ex and he started talking a lot about how she made a mistake and such. I don’t know. I’ve had bad experiences and feel like I’m only good for sex for most guys and I’ve told this guy that. So when I said it, he said he didn’t want to anyway so that I woudln’t feel like that. But he also talked about us maybe getting to be good friends, so he doesn’t seem interested in a relationship. I don’t know about fwb either, since he rebuffed my attempts to touch him later at night when I wanted to cuddle a bit more and have him touch my ass. He said “later” but didn’t seem enthused about it.

I’m getting loads of mixed signals here.

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