how to kiss

i don’t wanna know how to kiss(some advise wouldn’t hurt me tho) . but how do i make the conversation between me and this girl lead to a kiss.?? i don’t feel like randomly turning my head to kiss her . we know we like each other and that we want to kiss.(we are girls)

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  1. I’m not sure about what *exactly* to say, but your body language can speak volumes. Make sure your body is facing hers to show your dedication and interest in her and the conversation. Touches on the arm, shoulder, back, leg also show a little affection and (appropriate) laughter show you’re into her. The face is very intimate, so any face touching is a sure sign of affection. By the time the conversation stops and you’re just sitting there in silence enjoying each other’s company, you’re thinking the same thing! “Is this chick going to kiss me, or what?” You’re golden and should just go for it. Good luck!

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