How to distinguish being nice from potential romantic interest in this situation?

Hi everyone!

So a few months ago I got to know a man through work quite randomly.
Now, I haven’t had the chance to talk to him too much since then, but the facts are: we don’t know each other well, but he’s really nice towards me and told me right from the beginning that he likes me; he seems to try to act cooler than normal when I’m around; he actually made an effort to help me out of a difficult work-related situation and reached out a helping hand; he keeps his promises and encourages me; he laughs at basically everything I say (not in a mean way of course); he really respects my boundaries and is very polite (opens door etc), yet fun; he stares at me; I think he blushed once while answering and looking at me.

I’m just curious if this is simply being nice or maybe interest in me? Since he’s older than me I’m still not sure, maybe he just finds me cute and entertaining. Or maybe he’s a natural flirt? But I do appreciate him as a person, so it’s fine either way, it’s just been on my mind recently.

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