How do I know if I like her?

Sorry if any of this isint written very well, Im not too used to asking others for opinions on this kinda stuff.

A best friend that Ive had since I was 15 (Im 18 for comparison) and I are now in a relationship and Im excited but also afraid and confused. Im scared that theres a possibility that what I feel isint romantic attraction and that Im just so new to relationships or that Im lonely (I have an ex boyfriend but we never communicated properly). Ive researched so much and everyone says you kind of just know, but the thing is that I dont know- are you meant to have a sudden ‘aha’ moment? Or could you just go in with alot of dedication and trust because you care about this person and want to make something out of it? I dont know whether Im romantisizing it alot more then it should be and that Im holding it to too high a standard.

Im scared to talk to her because I get nervous and I dont know whether thats anxiety or nerves because I like her. Its harder for me to tell if I like her because we dont spend our time together 24/7 as she has university work. I feel like somethings there, but I cant tell the difference between really protective and trusting friendship or whether its something more. Any advice or suggestions are really appreciated!

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