First off I’m going to say that I’m 18 and my best friend is 19. So my best friend, is at a point in her life where she isn’t ready for a commitment and so she’s hanging out and sleeping with a ton of guys, which is fine. I ran into this guy I knew from a really long time ago who I also had a crush on at the time and him and I starting catching up again, I showed my best friend along with a few others a picture of him and the first this my best friend said was “Omg I totally fucked him last month, he’s really tall” I don’t know how to feel about the situation because I do like him but she technically got to him first and it makes me uncomfortable knowing she slept with him. She has no feelings for him so she doesn’t care but im not sure how I feel about the situation. Should I talk to her about it? Should I stop talking to him? Should I not care and see where things go?