Hi I need some advice about a boy. lol

My crush knows I like him and he asked me why and honestly there are so many reasons so I said I don’t know so he said if you like me then prove it, I don’t know how to prove it and I don’t ant to kiss him just yet. what do I do ?

One thought on “Hi I need some advice about a boy. lol

  1. Hi Boy Crush,

    So first off, how old are you? I’m guessing young because you sound it, but not sure. That changes my answer, though not dramatically. I’ll go with middle school or early high school, though.

    I’d recommend finding a chance to talk with him when you two will have some privacy and time. Doesn’t have to be an hour alone, could be 15 minutes at school without your friends. Let him know some of the things you enjoy about him and that you guys have in common. Ask him to hang out somewhere you’ll both enjoy outside school, and go in with a plan! It’ll show him you actually like him and not just the idea of him, and give you the chance to get to know each other better. Go from there.

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