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Hey y’all, so I’m kinda in love with this girl, she doesn’t feel the same way but we’re still really close friends. How do I stop feeling this way about her without losing her? I still want her in my life, but I’m not sure how to do that and get over her at the same time. She’s honestly my best friend, so losing her isn’t an option. What do I do?

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  1. Have you told her about your feelings? If not, I understand, sometimes things can be jeopardized if you do, but there is always the options that getting it off your chest helps, so long as you make it clear that you don’t expect anything, you just want her to know so you can move on. If you’re too worried that confessing will cause too much of a rift, sorry to say but only time will help with that. I wouldn’t recommend going out with lots of other people to distract you, but don’t close yourself off, either. There’s gonna be a long period where you’re comparing every other girl to her, but eventually, you’ll find that the comparisons don’t matter as much. As for things you can do now, try your best not to initiate any sort of affectionate or playful exchanges as that will only make things harder for you. Try to maybe think of good guy-girl friendships in fiction and compare how you would like that same relationship with your friend in real life, rather than compare to coupled. Keep in mind that you want her to be happy and if it’s not with you then she’s meant to be in your life as backstory to your main romance (if you’re the soulmate-type kind of person). Sorry for the long comment, but good luck my friend, I hope you’re able to keep your relationship!

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