hey I’m still a teenager and learning from my mistakes.

so my bf and I broke up almost a month ago for no apparent reason (on the holidays) and when school got back we started talking again and i realized how much i loved him. So i tell him i still have feelings for him blah blah and he goes sorry I’ve moved on. ok thats cool i guess? He then sends me pics of a girl he likes to pre much shove it in my face, man that hurt. a couple days after he said that he wanted to get back with me but he aslo liked her and tbh i was already over his shit (even tho i still love him) and said idgaf date her if shes so good blah blah. Tonight we fought because he asked me if i still liked him (he is now dating the chick) but i wouldnt give a straight answer, he told me he was sick of my bullshit and to get tf over him coz he never liked me anyway. ofc i cried and cried coz man that hurt and then he said that he’s cutting me off and doesnt want to even be friends.

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